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Australian Societies & Breeders


  Australian National Budgerigar Council


  Brisbane and Northern Suburbs Budsgerigar Society Inc


  Budgerigar Council of South Australia


  Budgerigar Society of South Australia


 Budgerigar Council of Tasmania
Budgerigar Council of Victoria Inc.
  Budgerigar Rare & Specialist Exibitors of Australasia.
  Budgerigar Society of New South Wales
  Caboolture Budgerigar Society


  Canberra Branch - BSNSW

  Fraser Coast Budgerigar Society Inc

  Hills District Branch - BSNSW


  Ipswich & District Budgerigar Society


  Newcastle Budgerigar Club Inc.


  Pine Rivers Budgerigar Society Inc


  Queensland North & Central Zone


   South Queensland Budgerigar Breeders Ass.


   South West Budgerigar Club Inc. (Mandurah)


  South West Victoria Budgerigar Society Inc.


   St George Branch - BSNSW.




   The Australian Budgerigar Society Inc.

   Toowoomba Budgerigar Association Inc.

   United Budgerigar Breeders Society


   Western Australian Budgerigar Council


   Wynnum Redlands Budgerigar Society Inc.






    David Bates


   Wayne Cachia Budgerigars


 Mark & Rebbecca Fallows


 The Jones Family Aviary


  Julie McNamara


  Robert Manvell


  Vic Murray




 Peter Thurn


  Ralph Tough


    Ken Yorke




U.K. Societies & Breeders


  Aberdeen Budgerigar Society


  Central Lancs & Leyland Budgerigar Society


Clitheroe & District Budgerigar Society


  Clwyd Budgerigar Society


  The Budgerigar Society


Warrington Budgerigar Society



  Mat Ackers


  David S. Game


  Tom and Andrew Luke


  Neil Murray


   George Jenkins


  C & K Welch


  Mike Ball


   Tony Cash


  Dickie Honor


   Freakley & Ainley


  Phil Hodgkings


 Miller Partnership


  Frank and Mark Ramshaw


  Joe Stainforth


 Sam Wildes


   Budgerigars by Barrie Shutt


  Chrissy Smith


 Chris Snell


  Paul & Nicki Stannard's 


  Brian Sweeting


  Pete Young


U.S.A Societies & Breeders


  American Budgerigar Society


  Blue Chip Exhibition Budgerigar Society


  Budgerigar Assocition Of America


  Great Lakes Budgie Society


  Great Western Budgerigar Society






  Crumpled Feather Aviary


  Diana's All Things Exhibition Budgerigars


  Joe Lastella


  Michael Blair


  Bob Wilson


South Africa Societies & Breeders


  East London Budgerigar Society


  The Budgerigar Society of South Africa


  The Jacaranda Show Budgie Society


  West Rand Budgerigar Club






  Christo Grobbelaar






Philippine Societies & Breeders


  Philippine Exhibition Society





Holland Societies & Breeders


  Dutch Budgerigar Society






  Ron Michielsen's Homepage


  Rinus van den Broek




Sweden Societies & Breeders


  Swedish Budgerigar Society






  Tom Svensson 'Top Budgerigar Breeder'


  Claés Johansson


  Björn Johansson's


Denmark Societies & Breeders



  Danish Budgerigar Society






  PHT's Budgerigar World


  The Dynamite Stud


  Jörn & Tove Jakobsen


Switzerland Societies & Breeders








  Daniel Lütolf


  Hermann and Marcel Bühler











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